IDC NetApp Data ONTAP storage operating system named the first brand

NetApp recently announced, IDC NetApp ® Data ONTAP ® named the 2012 annual open network disk storage systems market brand storage operating system (OS). IDC's storage operating system, the final ranking is ranking the results based on the operating income of the operating system used by the underlying storage and storage capacity, storage systems for global delivery. Data ONTAP open network disk storage systems market in two categories are ranked first, are: 2012, the revenue share of 15.8%, 21.4% capacity share.
Data ONTAP NetApp 20 years of innovation experience effort crafted to meet the changing needs of our customers through continuous development and improvement, and success. Data ONTAP cluster model is the latest version of Data ONTAP It combines the most extensive data management capabilities with cluster technology can achieve unlimited expansion in one, efficient operations and run without interruption, by virtue of its customers attractive value proposition unique in the industry. IT landscape to IT as a service (ITaaS) to carry out a fundamental change, the model requires centralized computing, network and storage resources to support a variety of applications and provides a wide range of services, cluster mode Data ONTAP of innovative products to give new impetus to this change will no doubt.
Brendon Howe, vice president of NetApp products and solutions marketing, said: IDC recognized further evidence of the status of the storage operating system Data ONTAP industry's first brand this NetApp Data ONTAP cluster mode – one of the greatest innovations achievements launched a new feature, we are delighted to expand our leading position, the role played by Min Rui nature of corporate success than ever before, even more important, Data ONTAP can help customers improve the efficiency of the infrastructure, unrestricted development business and achieve sustained data access and this has also been recognized by our clients and customers are accelerating the rate of adoption of this technology, and at this time, IDC Data ONTAP storage operating system rated first has fueled role.
The cluster mode Data ONTAP booster customer development
In Atlanta, Georgia, United States Cirrity company is a cloud service providers to focus on channel development, the main target groups are operating within a strictly regulated industry customers. In order to support the growing customer base, Cirrity need a simple and seamless extension of the IT infrastructure. Vertical industry customers Cirrity healthcare and financial close cooperation, its infrastructure must be implemented without interruption of availability and performance, to be sure.
Cirrity president and CTO Dan Timko pointed out: The reputation of the business continuity Cirrity vital With Data ONTAP cluster mode, we can non-disruptively move data between the architecture, depending on the application requirements. This means that our customers never encounter service interruptions, it is very important, because many of the customers' business needs to operate around the clock. Moreover, with the continuous development, we can easily extended only to add the required storage capacity. This will help us to reduce the total cost of ownership , focusing on investments in other business areas.
UZ Leuven is Belgium's largest hospital, is one of Europe's largest health care institutions, a total of five hospitals, and about 8,500 employees. Available 24 hours to ensure that health care services, doctors and patients can not be separated from the hospital's IT infrastructure. This requires that the storage system is always running, and be able to handle the massive amounts of data generated by the hospital electronic medical record system.
The the UZ Leuven infrastructure and Operations IT Manager Reinoud Reynders said: We need 2,000 to 6,000 sheets on the beds was made from still convenient to expand our infrastructure, in order to provide support to new patients, our doctors need ready access to patient data and information. cluster mode Data ONTAP help we demand growth, the smooth management of unpredictable data growth as well as to ensure zero downtime in the running process which is an important factor to ensure that our patients receive timely treatment. '